All Baldur's Gate 3 Ranger Subclasses, Ranked (2024)

Each of Baldur's Gate 3's nine classes offers a different gameplay experience, providing the character different combat and exploration capabilities. The Ranger class specializes in navigating the wild, utilizing a mix of martial combat bonuses and divine magic similar to the magic Druids use. Rangers choose a favored enemy and terrain, gaining bonuses based on their choices and allowing them to further customize their build.

The Ranger subclasses in Baldur's Gate 3 allow the Ranger to gain additional abilities inspired by the Ranger's core concept as a Scout that hunts dangerous foes and has a deep understanding of the natural world. The Beast Master subclass allows them to acquire an Animal Companion to aid them in battle, the Hunter chooses a specialization to aid them in taking down their chosen foes, and the Gloom Stalker learns to steel their mind against mind-altering effects and strike at their foes from the shadows. Rangers select their subclass at level Three.

Updated on August 8, 2023, by Thomas Hawkins: With the full release of Baldur's Gate 3, players are now able to access all three of the Ranger Subclasses and reach the maximum level: 12. As such, this guide has been updated to reflect the new level cap and explain the abilities granted by each of the subclasses.

Updated on February 21, 2024, by Thomas Hawkins: Now that Baldur's Gate 3 has been out for a while and players have plumbed the depths of the game for magic items and multiclassing combinations, this guide was in dire need of an update to reflect each subclass' multiclassing utility and discuss some of the items that can make a Ranger build more powerful. The guide now contains a thorough list of abilities gained by each animal companion as the Beast Master subclass increases in level, along with a new section discussing items that all three subclasses can benefit from.

Updated on June 7th, 2024, by Thomas Hawkins: This update is designed to aid players looking for Act 3 upgrades to their equipment. It adds a new section discussing useful Act 3 items to seek out, titled appropriately to help players avoid spoilers for the final act of Baldur's Gate 3. These sections contain more specific information on the locations of said items too.

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All Baldur's Gate 3 Ranger Subclasses, Ranked (1)

The Hunter subclass allows the player to choose a "Hunter's Prey" ability, granting them a combat benefit that helps them against certain foes.

Hunter's Prey Ability


Colossus Slayer

Deal an extra 1d8 damage when attacking any foe whose current HP is below their max HP, once per turn.

Giant Killer

When a creature whose size is Large or bigger attacks the Ranger, they can use their reaction to attack in response.

Horde Breaker

The Ranger can target two foes who are close to each other and attack each of them in succession.

After reaching level seven, the Hunter gains one of several "Defensive Tactics" features. These each provide, as the name suggests, defensive benefits when facing certain situations.

Defensive Tactic


Escape the Horde

Opportunity attacks against the Hunter have disadvantage.

Steel Will

Advantage on Saving Throws against being frightened.

Multiattack Defence

After an enemy attacks the Hunter, that enemy gets -4 to all rolls against the Hunter until their next turn.

At level 11, the Hunter gains "Volley" and "Whirlwind Attack." Volley allows them to rain attacks on multiple foes with a ranged weapon, while Whirlwind Attack lets them spin and strike all foes around them in melee.


The Hunter Subclass gains some powerful once-per-turn effects through Hunter's Prey, which could benefit other martial classes like the Fighter and Paladin. Multiattack Defence could be really helpful on a tanky character when facing powerful foes later in the game. Monks can also benefit greatly from abilities like Giant Killer and Colossus Slayer, as long as there is a weapon in their main hand.

Beast Master

All Baldur's Gate 3 Ranger Subclasses, Ranked (2)

The Beast Master subclass gains the ability "Summon Companion," allowing them to call forth a number of different animal companions to aid them in combat. These animal companions are considerably stronger than those summoned by the "Find Familiar" spell. All Companions have the "Prey's Scent" ability, which causes them to deal 1d6 extra damage to a creature marked by the Beast Master's "Hunter's Mark" spell.

Summon Companion and Find Familiar can be used together, allowing Beast Masters to have two animals aiding them at once (though Familiars are substantially weaker in combat and are better suited to exploration.)

Animal Companion

Companion Ability


Goading Roar: Roar at foes within 30ft to goad them into attacking the Bear.


Boar Charge: Charge up to 30ft, attacking all hostile creatures in the way and potentially knocking them prone.

Wolf Spider

Poisonous Bite and Improved Jump that doesn't provoke Attacks of Opportunity. Web: Cover a target area in thick flammable webbing that can trap creatures. Web Walk: Is not slowed by walking on webs and cannot become enwebbed. Darkvision: Can see in the dark up to 12m/40ft.


Flight. Rend Vision: Attack a Creatures eyes, blinding them for one round on hit.


Bite: Attack with a chance to knock the target prone. Pack Tactics: Advantage on attacks when an ally is within 3m of the target.

At level five, a Beast Master gains "Companion's Bond," adding their proficiency bonus to the damage rolls and AC of their Animal Companion. This also causes each animal companion to gain more HP and higher AC, along with some new abilities, as shown in the table below:

Animal Companion

New Abilities


Honeyed Paws: Melee attack that can disarm enemies and knock unarmed enemies prone.


Rage: Gain resistance to physical damage, advantage on all strength checks/saving throws, and deal 2 extra slashing damage with all attacks. Frenzied Strike: Bonus Action Attack, can only be used while raging.

Dire Raven

Beak Attack Upgrade: 1d4 extra damage. Bad Omen: Ranged attack that forces a Wisdom Save, on failure all attacks on the target have advantage for two turns.


Infectious Bite: Bite attack that can inflict the "Septic" condition, reducing the target's constitution by 1 and giving them disadvantage on constitution saving throws.

Wolf Spider

Cocoon: Trap a creature in the Spider's Web, inflicting the "Cocooned" condition. This prevents them from taking actions, bonus actions, and reactions, but they attempt a strength saving throw each turn to break free.

At level seven, "Exceptional Training" lets their Animal Companion dash, disengage, or help allies as a bonus action. At level 8, Animal Companions gain more HP and higher AC again. Finally, level 11 adds "Bestial Fury," giving their Animal Companion an extra attack. This level also comes with a final set of upgrades for each Animal Companion, as shown below:

Animal Companion

New Abilities


Ursine Reinforcements: Summon an additional Bear to assist once per short rest. This second Bear is level 7 and does not benefit from Bestial Fury.


Kick Up Muck: Kick up mud on all enemies in a 9m/30ft cone, reducing their AC and dexterity saves by 2 for 2 turns unless they succeed a dexterity saving throw. Mud-Drenched enemies also have their movement speed halved.

Dire Raven

Raven Sight: The Raven cannot be Blinded On Black Wings: Summon two level 3 Raven allies who cannot be directly controlled. When using Fly the Raven will now create a patch of darkness where they land.


Lupine Slash: Deal Force Damage to all enemies in a 3m/10ft cone using a spectral sword.

Wolf Spider

Eight-legged Waltz: Gain extra movement speed and resistance to poison when starting the turn on a web surface. Bursting Brood: A Ranged attack that "Infests" the target with tiny spiders, causing them to take piercing and poison damage each turn until they are removed. (Acid and Fire removes them.)

All Animal Companions recieve a final boost to their HP and AC at this level too.


Since the Beast Master Subclass gets its strongest features at level 11, it is typically ill-suited to multiclassing. That said, players could take a level in Fighter to gain an extra fighting style, or a level in Barbarian for access to Rage (though Raging will prevent the Ranger from casting or concentrating on spells.)

Gloom Stalker

All Baldur's Gate 3 Ranger Subclasses, Ranked (3)

Gloom Stalkers are ambush specialists and gain abilities as they level up to aid in exactly that. At level three, they get the abilities "Dread Ambusher," "Dread Ambusher: Hide," "Umbral Shroud," and "Superior Darkvision." The first of these allows them a +3 bonus to initiative rolls while also letting them move 3m further and deal an extra 1d8 damage on the first turn of combat.

"Dread Ambusher: Hide" simply allows them to hide as a bonus action. "Umbral Shroud" allows them to become invisible as an action as long as they are obscured. "Superior Darkvision" allows the Gloom Stalker to see up to 24m in darkness without issue. They also automatically learn "Disguise Self" as a first level spell.

At level five, they learn "Misty Step" as a second level spell, allowing them to teleport as a bonus action for better maneuverability. Level seven grants them "Iron Mind," giving them proficiency in intelligence and wisdom saving throws. Level nine allows them to access "Fear" as a third level spell, helping them to render foes vulnerable to attack and prevent them from moving.

At level 11, Gloom Stalkers get "Stalker's Flurry," allowing them to perform another weapon attack if their attack misses (Once per Turn).


The Gloom Stalker's affinity for ambush makes them a natural fit for multiclassing with Rogues, allowing them to add Sneak Attack damage to their excellent damage output. Mixing in Fighter for Action Surge and a second Fighting Style can also be beneficial. While there's a certain amount of overlap in their kits, Shadow Monks can also be a good multiclass choice for the Gloom Stalker.

Ranger Equipment

All Baldur's Gate 3 Ranger Subclasses, Ranked (4)

Where equipment is concerned, Rangers should seek out the "Speedy Reply" scimitar in Act 1 (found on a dead caravan agent near Flind) or the "Thorn Blade" Scimitar sold by Dammon in Act 2. These two can be very effective during the first two acts, though the Thorn Blade's poison damage is unfortunately resisted by quite a few foes. The Justiciar's Scimitar (found in the Gauntlet of Shar during Act 2) is also an excellent pick that synergizes well with the Gloom Stalker's stealth tactics. During Act 3, players can track down Belm, a returning weapon from Baldur's Gate 2, which is an exceptional weapon that can turn your bonus action into an extra attack and is thus excellent for builds that aren't dual-wielding. It has some unique synergy with certain weapons when held in the off-hand, which are discussed in the Act 3 section.

Since Rangers have proficiency with all martial weapons, they can achieve a ton of flexibility by using finesse weapons. Along with the usual suspects (Daggers, Shortswords, Scimitars, and Rapiers), there are also three unique finesse weapons in the game from weapon types that aren't usually finesse weapons. These are Phalar Aluve (longsword, Act 1, in the Underdark), Larethian's Wrath (longsword, Act 1, sold by the trader in the Githyanki Creche), and The Dancing Breeze (Glaive, Act 3, sold by Exxvikyap in Rivington.)

For ranged combat, players should pick up the Spellthief bow from Arron at the Druid Grove, allowing them to restore a first level spell slot the first time they land a critical hit each short rest. This can be helpful during the early-game where spell slots are few. The Joltshooter longbow can also be found in Act 1, as a reward for rescuing Councilor Florrick at Waukeen's Rest, and allows the Ranger to build up lightning charges and dish out extra damage with their attacks.

Act 3 Equipment (Act 3 Spoilers)

All Baldur's Gate 3 Ranger Subclasses, Ranked (5)

As mentioned briefly in the previous section, Rangers can get hold of the exceptional scimitar "Belm" in Act 3. This can be found in Jaheira's Basem*nt, under Elerrathin's Home in the Lower City. Belm is a legendary scimitar that can perform Whirlwind Attack, making an attack against all enemies within range, as an action once per short rest. The wielder can also perform an extra attack as a bonus action, which calculates its attack and damage modifier using the stats of the weapon in the wielder's main hand. This makes it tremendously powerful when used in conjunction with a main-hand weapon that deals more damage, like Phalar Aluve or Larethian's Wrath. If focusing on strength over dexterity but still using the dual-wielder feat, you could use the Nylruna trident (obtained by winning the jackpot from Akabi at the carnival, getting teleported to the jungle, and then picking the lock on the chest near the portal back to the Carnival) or Voss' Silver Sword (stolen from Kithrak Voss via pickpocketing or murder) in the main hand to great effect. The aforementioned trident is also excellent for adding some range to a Strength-focused Ranger Build.

For defensive options, players should pick up the Cloak of Displacement from Entharl Danthelon in Wyrm's Crossing and the Boots of Persistence from Dammon in the Lower City (assuming he survived until Act 3.) The former gives enemies disadvantage on attack rolls against the wearer until the first time the wearer takes damage on each turn. The latter provides permanent Freedom of Movement (same as the spell), Longstrider (same as the spell), and a +1 bonus to Dexterity saving throws. The "Legacy of the Masters" gloves are also sold by Dammon during Act 3, offering +2 to attack rolls and damage with all weapons. Picking these up can make any martial character more effective, so they're worth grabbing if Dammon is alive.

Baldur's Gate 3 is available now for PC, Mac, and PS5.

All Baldur's Gate 3 Ranger Subclasses, Ranked (2024)
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