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The Seattle Mariners will head to Baltimore for a three-game series against the Orioles. Both Teams are heading into this game with a winning record. However, Baltimore is 7-3 in its last ten games, while the Mariners are just 5-5 in their most recent ten-game stretch.

Heading into the series, the Orioles have been slow to release the starters for the weekend-long series against the Mariners. However, we’ll make some educated guesses based on how the rotation has gone over the last couple of weeks.

Here’s a look at the Mariners vs Orioles preview for the three-game series on the weekend Major League Baseball schedule.

Mariners vs Orioles

Records: Seattle Mariners (24-20), Baltimore Orioles (27-14)
Location: Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD
Television: MASN 2, ROOTNW

Seattle’s Already Thinking About Trades?

The Seattle Mariners are leading the AL West heading into the weekend. However, they’ve only gone 5-5 over the last ten games and aren’t playing their best baseball right now.

Seattle media is questioning whether the Mariners need to add some new talent by the MLB Trade Deadline. While the Deadline is still far away, we’ve already had one major blockbuster trade this season.

The Mariners will certainly be buyers if they can hold onto their lead in the AL West.

Baltimore’s Starting Rotation Is Unclear

The Orioles were washed out on Tuesday, allowing Kyle Bradish to start in Wednesday’s game instead of Cole Irvin. Therefore, Cole Irvin will likely get the start in the first game of this series, followed by John Means and Dean Kremer.

Meanwhile, Grayson Rodriguez just had another successful side session on Sunday. He’ll eventually head back into the rotation and off the injured list. As we continue to look at the Baltimore Orioles standings, we’ll see if the Orioles go with a six-man rotation.

Mariners vs Orioles Preview & Odds For Game 1:

RL: Orioles -1.5 (+150) ML: Orioles -132, O/U 8 -115/-105

Game 1

Friday, 7:05 pm ET
Bryce Miller vs. Cole Irvin

It’ll be Bryce Miller for Game 1 of the series for Seattle. The right-handed pitcher has a 2.66 ERA on the season and has held his first 183 batters to a .259 wOBA. In addition, he’s dominated against right-handed pitching, holding them to a .103 ISO and wOBA. But more importantly, he’s struck out 27.9% of batters and has allowed only 8.2% of walks.

Meanwhile, the Orioles’ projected lineup has hit a .194 ISO and wOBA of .316 against righties this season. Jorge Mateo has brought those numbers down. However, the rest of the group has high ISO numbers and/or low strikeouts. There’s plenty of potential with the Orioles lineup against righties. They’re just going to have a tough weekend facing three outstanding right-handed pitchers on the Mariners.

Baltimore will pitch lefty Cole Irvin for Game 1. Irvin hasn’t added many strikeouts, but he’s held teams to a .106 ISO and wOBA of .273 with 50.4% of grounders and just 5% of walks.

Seattle hits lefties much better than righties this year. Mitch Garver, Cal Raleigh, Dylan Moore, and Luis Urias have all hit a high ISO and wOBA number against lefties this year. The potential is there against Cole Irvin in Game 1 of this series.

However, both pitchers have ultimately outshined the hitters to begin the season. We’d back the under 8 (-105) in Game 1. When Miller is on the mound, the MLB scores are typically low.

Game 2

Saturday, 4:05 pm ET
Luis Castillo vs. John Means

In Game 2 of the series, Luis Castillo will get the call. Castillo is a righty for the Mariners with a low ERA. He’s holding a 3.31 ERA but has a 4-5 record. Overall, he’s struck out nearly 29% of batters and has only walked 4.1%. Like Miller, he’s allowed a low wOBA but has also given up a .172 ISO. Most of the power comes from the lefties against Castillo. He’s allowed a .248 ISO and wOBA of .384, despite only walking 3.8% of lefties this season.

Castillo will duel against another lefty in John Means. Means has only faced 44 batters this season, but he’s walked none and has added 25% of strikeouts with a wOBA of .268. That likely won’t last, as he’s also allowed 46.9% of fly balls with only 18.8% of ground balls.

The Mariners have more potential against lefties. Therefore, per our Mariners vs Orioles preview, we’ll back the Mariners in Game 2 on the road.

Game 3

Sunday, 1:35 pm ET
George Kirby vs. Dean Kremer

The Mariners will conclude the series with another fantastic pitcher, George Kirby. Kirby is another righty with a 3.58 ERA on the year. He’s struck out 25% while only walking 2.5%. Like the other Mariners righties ahead of him, Kirby has allowed a low wOBA and a .156 ISO. Kirby allows power but rarely allows it with guys on base.

Kirby will be paired up against Dean Kremer of the Orioles. He’s a righty who has allowed a .280 wOBA with 25.3% of strikeouts and 8.1% of walks. He’s allowed a high rate of extra-base hits to both sides of the plate, but like Kirby, he rarely gives up extra-base hits with guys on base.

Meanwhile, against righties, the Mariners’ projected lineup has hit a .133 ISO and wOBA of .302 with 28.2% of strikeouts. Only Josh Rojas and Dylan Moore have hit a high ISO and wOBA number against righties this year.

The under would also be the play in Game 3. Ultimately, all of the Seattle Mariners starters in this series are elite pitchers.

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Mariners vs Orioles Preview: Seattle Pitchers Ready to Do Work | Point Spreads (2024)


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