Walmart Is Launching a BRAND-NEW Membership Service—Here's What We Know (2024)

Updated: Jan. 15, 2021

The Walmart shopping membership program, Walmart+, saves time and money so you can get your day back.

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I’m a Midwest native who lived in New York City for 10 years. I loved almost everything about big city life with one big exception: shopping for groceries and household items. Between waiting in long lines, carrying heavy bags on public transportation, and paying high prices for everyday items like milk and mascara, I strongly considered moving straight back to Wisconsin. Eventually, to save on time and transportation, I started ordering groceries online—but that came with high delivery costs and few additional perks.

Recently, I did pack up my city life to go back to the Midwest. And now, I can see that a Walmart+ membership hits the shopping sweet spot. It saves time on going to the store, money on delivery and shipping, and Walmart carries almost everything I need to keep my home (and car) running while keeping overall prices low.

Here’s what you need to know about a Walmart+, a new kind of membership.

What is Walmart+?

Basically, Walmart+ launched to compete with Amazon Prime—and oh boy, does it ever. Walmart+ is a membership program that offers four main benefits that save time and money whether you shop online, in stores or do a combination of both. Here’s what you get with your Walmart+ membership.

Free delivery from your Walmart store

Getting groceries, toiletries, pet food and heck—even leggings delivered from the nearest Walmart to my home is a lifesaver and can save hours every week. Whether the weather is bad (Midwest winters are serious), I have an extended work day or I’d just rather spend the evening with my family and dog than go to the store, Walmart+ free delivery buys me time.

Though there are some restrictions, and a $35 minimum spend (which, let’s get real—when do I not have at least $35 worth of stuff I need from Walmart?) this is a huge saver in time. It’s especially essential around big events like the holidays, birthdays and dinner parties when I’m overbooked, over-scheduled and have a seemingly endless shopping list. With Walmart+, all I have to do is order online, choose an available delivery window and get back to enjoying my free time. Instead of scanning the aisles for dog food, I can take my dog on a leisurely walk.

Another fun way to use free Walmart+ delivery? When I’m checking out new recipes on Taste of Home and decide I absolutely must make cocoa bombs or try out an air fryer, I can get everything I need—from the ingredients to small appliances—delivered fast. When cooking inspiration hits, I want to get to my kitchen—not the grocery store. A Walmart+ shopping membership makes quick turnaround cooking possible. Yes, please!

Mobile scan & go for in-store shopping

Before Walmart+, I wouldn’t consider stopping by Walmart to just pick up a few things. I didn’t have time to wait in line for a few last-minute grocery items I needed for meal prep. No way was I going to go through a checkout line just to pay for pasta and a can of tomatoes. (And okay, fine, a bottle of wine and maybe some brownies.) Mobile scanning with Walmart+ changed all that. Now I can swing in, grab what I need and check out inside of Walmart using my phone! No checkout line required. Let’s make that two bottles of chardonnay!

Walmart+ free shipping

Wow, this one’s huge. Walmart+ offers free two-day shipping and next day shipping on items shipped by Walmart. Here’s where it gets really good: there’s no minimum spend required. This is not a drill! It does exclude oversized and freight items, but that’s okay. I could use this time and money-saving benefit for last-minute gift shopping, stocking my kitchen pantry with items I forgot I needed (I’m looking at you bottle of soy sauce I swear I just bought) or making sure there’s always enough toothpaste, shampoo and toilet paper to get my family through another week.

I recently got into making lefse and cross country skiing (I told you I was back in the Midwest). With free two-day shipping I can order supplies and gear for my new hobbies and have them shipped to my home in no time. That means more time in nature and the kitchen, and less time inside a store.

Member prices on fuel

I have to fill up my gas tank, so why not save five cents and get gas at Walmart, Murphy Stations or Sam’s Club fuel centers? Every little bit adds up, and this benefit is something you won’t get with competing shopping memberships. It’s easy enough to top off my tank on my way to doing something way more fun—like going to the dog park. Gas up, and go!

How does joining Walmart+ benefit me?

For me, the Walmart+ shopping membership program buys time and gives me flexibility on how I shop. There are occasions when I most definitely want to wander around Walmart for an hour, filling up my cart with everyday values on makeup, snacks and home decor. It’s called retail therapy for a reason! But most of the time, I’d much prefer to have all of my grocery and household goods either shipped to me for free, or delivered from my nearest Walmart store for free. Shopping this way saves me oodles of time, and helps me stay organized. It also lets me order fun stuff, like an InstantPot or the ingredients to bake homemade bread, on a whim. To me, that’s a priceless feeling.

How much does Walmart+ cost?

The Walmart+ shopping membership program costs $12.95 a month, or $98 a year. If you break it down, that’s just $2 a week on the annual plan at 52 weeks. If you go monthly, the membership pays for itself with two deliveries (based on the $7.95 delivery fee you’d pay without a membership). Two dollars a week is less than I spend on dog treats. That reminds me, I need to order dog treats. *Adds to cart.* Shopping with Walmart+ makes the most shopping sense and saves the most dollars. Whether I stay in the rural Midwest or move back to an urban center, Walmart+ gives me more time in my day.

Walmart Is Launching a BRAND-NEW Membership Service—Here's What We Know (2024)


What is the purpose of Walmart membership? ›

Walmart+ Membership

As a Walmart+ member, you'll enjoy benefits including free delivery from your store, member prices on fuel at select stations, and use of mobile scan & go, which enables you to scan items as you shop in-store, streamlining your checkout process. We're working on adding even more great perks, too!

How much is Walmart plus for seniors? ›

Walmart+ Assist members enjoy every membership benefit that full price Walmart+ members enjoy, just at a discounted rate of $6.47/month or $49/year.

When did Walmart start Walmart Plus membership? ›

Launched in September of 2020, Walmart Plus includes a handful of benefits that keeps growing over time.

What is the difference between Walmart and Walmart+ InHome? ›

The Walmart+ membership is $12.95/month or $98/annual. InHome is an additional flat fee of $7/month or $40/year to Plus Up your Walmart+ membership. Walmart+ InHome membership includes unlimited free store deliveries to your door, or into your garage or kitchen.

Why is Walmart charging me a membership fee? ›


Do you have to pay for a Walmart Plus membership? ›

There are no charges for the first 30 days of the trial. Once the trial ends, we'll renew your membership and charge you for the selected plan.

Does Walmart give for you a senior citizen discount? ›

Whilst Walmart does not have a universal senior discount program, they offer various savings opportunities – and policies that can benefit seniors. While the discount rate may vary, seniors enjoy reduced prices for a wide range of products, from groceries to electronics and household essentials.

How to get 50% off Walmart? ›

Walmart+ Membership Deal

Join Walmart+ as an annual paid member and get $50 off your next $75+ order. Or $25 off your next $50+ order when you join as a monthly member.

Do you have to tip Walmart Plus? ›

Tips are optional and 100% go to the driver. You can choose to tip before or after placing your order or after delivery.

Do Walmart drivers see how much you tip? ›

The Spark workers who spoke with BI said a good tip could make even a small order worth their time and expenses. Before drivers accept an order, the app shows both their base pay and the customer's offered tip.

Where should I shop instead of Walmart? ›

Here are a few stores like Walmart for the best budget-friendly furniture finds.
  • Amazon. Similar to Walmart, Amazon has thousands of home furnishing offerings, including decor and furniture. ...
  • Wayfair. ...
  • Target. ...
  • IKEA. ...
  • Costco. ...
  • Lowe's. ...
  • Best Buy. ...
  • The Home Depot.
Dec 31, 2023

Why is Walmart charging for pickup? ›

Walmart's Collect Pickup Program was announced in early July of 2022 and put into place a month later on August 1st, and the fees were sent out a month after that on September 1st. The program was designed to hand off Walmart's losses due to major shifts in the transportation industry to Collect suppliers.

Does Walmart Plus include Sam's Club? ›

If you sign up for a Walmart Plus membership, you'll receive perks and benefits when shopping at Walmart and Walmart-owned companies like Sam's Club. Below are the Walmart Plus benefits that you should know about.

Do you need Walmart Plus for self-checkout? ›

Walmart's self-checkout lanes are not reserved for Walmart+ members. A store can choose to designate self-checkout lanes for members and delivery drivers depending on customer traffic.

Why do you need an account to shop on Walmart? ›

Before you can start ordering groceries online from Walmart, you'll need to create an account. This is an essential first step, as it allows you to save your delivery address, pickup location, and your payment method as information for future orders.

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