Who is Mickey Haller's ex wife? (2024)

Who is Mickey Haller's ex wife?

Margaret “Maggie” McPherson is a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles. She is Mickey Haller's ex-wife and Hayley Haller's mother.

Who is Mickey's ex-wife in Lincoln Lawyer?

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller, a criminal-defense lawyer and recovering addict. Neve Campbell as Maggie McPherson, Mickey's first ex-wife and a criminal prosecutor. Becki Newton as Lorna Crane, Mickey's second ex-wife and his legal aide.

How many wives does Mickey Haller have?

Haller has been married and divorced twice. He was first married to Maggie McPherson, a lawyer and prosecutor, and they have a daughter Hayley. McPherson is a career prosecutor with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, and is nicknamed "McFierce" by defense lawyers.

Who is second wife in Lincoln Lawyer?

Even Lorna (Becki Newton), Mickey's second ex-wife and legal aide, worries if the case was a conflict of interest after finding out that Lisa and Mickey had an intimate relationship.

Was Lincoln lawyer married to Lorna?

Lorna — who's not only Mickey's legal assistant/office manager, but also happens to be his ex-wife and a brilliant legal mind in her own right — has previously favored statement pieces like leather pants, bright blue biker jackets, beaded tops, and neon purses.

Who are Mickey Hallers wives?

Based on the Mickey Haller book series by Michael Connelly, Mickey begins the series with two ex-wives: Prosecutor Maggie McPherson (Neve Campbell), with whom he shares his teenage daughter Hayley, and Lorna Crane (Becki Newton), his paralegal.

Does Mickey end up with Maggie in The Lincoln Lawyer?

Summary. Mickey and Maggie's reunion is short-lived, ending on a sad note in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2. Maggie suggests that she and Mickey will never work out due to their career priorities and disagreements. While they still love each other, the logistics of their relationship keep them apart in The Lincoln Lawyer.

Why did Maggie and Mickey divorce?

Maggie and Mickey divorced because Mickey lost himself in his work instead of focusing on his family, but there are still sparks between the two. Mickey's endless pursuit of the truth may cause another rift between them at the end of Season 1, but that spark is still there.

Who is the dead woman at the end of Lincoln Lawyer?

Upon getting there, he discovers he was hired to defend a man who killed a woman called Giselle Dallinger. It's only when Mickey looks at the body that he realizes that the woman is actually Gloria Dayton AKA Glory Days (Fiona Rene), a former client and prostitute who was trying to turn her life around.

What is the relationship between Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller?

Fans know that Mickey Haller from The Lincoln Lawyer and Harry Bosch are half-brothers.

What happened to Lisa in Lincoln Lawyer?

Lana Parilla as Lisa Trammell in Lincoln Lawyer. Mickey gives a convincing argument to the jury, who finds Lisa not guilty. However, after the trial, Mickey discovers Lisa lied about her ex-husband, and killed the real man named Jeff and buried him in her backyard.

Is Lisa innocent in Lincoln Lawyer?

In The Lincoln Lawyer season 2's ending, Mickey wins his case as Lisa receives a “not guilty” verdict, with the evidence later showing that Walter Kim actually killed Mitchell Bondurant.

Were Mickey and Lorna married?

[close] Lorna Taylor was briefly Mickey Haller's second wife. A blond stunner. She now works for him as his case manager and legal secretary and is living with Cisco Wojciechowski, Haller's investigator.

Does Mickey Haller know Bosch is his brother?

In the books, Mickey never knew that Bosch was his half-brother because he didn't have an opportunity to know his father. Since Netflix's series depicts an older Mickey at the time of his father's death, it's more likely that he may have known about his half-brother.

Who was the real life Lincoln Lawyer?

The Lincoln Lawyer Was Inspired By LA Attorney David Ogden

After asking Ogden about his practice, the attorney revealed that he didn't work in a regular office but instead out of his car which was driven by a former client.

Who is Mickey's mother in Lincoln Lawyer?

Legendary Mexican actress Angélica María has joined the second season of Netflix's “The Lincoln Lawyer” in a recurring role. She will play Elena, the mother of Mickey (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo).

Who is Mickey Haller's daughter?

Hayley Haller is the daughter of Mickey Haller and Maggie McPherson, the niece of Harry Bosch, and the cousin of Maddie Bosch.

Does Mickey Haller have a daughter?

The Daughter Hayley Haller is Mickey and Maggie's teenage daughter who finds herself navigating tween life while questioning the work her father does as a defense lawyer.

Was Mickey Haller Hispanic?

One of the most notable differences between Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Matthew McConaughey's versions of Mickey Haller is the character's background. In the original Lincoln Lawyer books, it is stated that Mickey Haller is half-Mexican, having had a Mexican mother.

Why was Maggie fired in Lincoln Lawyer?

The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 ending explained that Bob Cardone removed Maggie McPherson from her position to safeguard his reputation. McPherson believed that Cardone was less ambitious than his political rival Janelle Simmons.

Does The Lincoln Lawyer have a happy ending?

Even the murder weapon and putting the witness on trial isn't enough to derail him, and in the end, Mickey wins the fight and Lisa is exonerated for Bondurant's murder. The two celebrate with Mickey's official firing as her lawyer and the resumption of their intimate relationship.

Do Lorna and Cisco get married?

After a lot of back and forth and double bookings, Cisco and Lorna finally get married. It's very sweet. When they can't have the big wedding they've been hoping for, they get married at City Hall, and then Cisco surprises Lorna with a big party at Izzy's new dance studio.

Who killed Lara and Jan in Lincoln Lawyer?

With the motive, Trevor is revealed to actually be the one who killed his wife and her lover. He uses a drone to dispose of his clothes into the nearby sea and fabricates the Russian's involvement.

What happens to Russell in Lincoln Lawyer?

The second episode of this season of The Lincoln Lawyer ended with Russell Lawson finally behind bars, thanks to Mickey's meticulous plan. With that done and dusted, Mickey must take care of Lisa's ordeal because she has been taken into custody on charges of Mitchell Bondurant's murder.

How long were Mickey and Maggie married?

Maggie Horton
In-universe information
FatherElmer Simmons
MotherDorothy Simmons
SpouseMickey Horton (1974–1984, 1986–2010) Victor Kiriakis (2011–2023)
8 more rows


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