Mandy Rose Shares Insights on Cosmetic Surgeries Throughout Her Life (2024)

Mandy Rose Shares Insights on Cosmetic Surgeries Throughout Her Life (1)

Mandy Rose Shares Insights on Cosmetic Surgeries Throughout Her Life – Mandy Rose recently delved into her personal journey with cosmetic enhancements during an appearance on the Power Alphas Podcast, co-hosted by her fiancé and former NXT star Tino Sabbatelli. The former NXT Women’s Champion, who parted ways with WWE in late 2022, addressed misconceptions about plastic surgery and opened up about her own experiences.

During the podcast, Rose candidly discussed the perception surrounding individuals who undergo cosmetic procedures, addressing rumors about her own appearance, including speculation about a nose job. Rose emphatically refuted these claims, shedding light on the scrutiny she has faced since joining WWE and navigating the public eye.

“I used to get told that I have a fake nose. I do not have a fake nose—it’s perfect. My mom used to always tell me that my nose is perfect, like the kind people get surgery for. So, I can understand why you guys think I have a fake nose, but I don’t.”

“It’s kind of funny that people just put their assumptions out there because they think they know everything and they judge. They just want to hate, I guess. I don’t really know. I don’t care when people get cosmetic surgery. I don’t care what you do with your life—it’s your body, you can do whatever you want. So, I don’t know why people feel the need to state those hate comments or whatever it may be, or say that I’m so fake. I’ve been getting that since I stepped foot in WWE, with people saying, ‘Oh, she’s just a Barbie doll, she just wants to be here for the fame,’ and so on. It did affect me for a good amount of time, and I think that’s why I want to talk about it.”

Mandy Rose Had Her Lip Filler Dissolved, Has Had Botox For Years

Mandy Rose continued detailing her cosmetic enhancements. She discussed how she has had botox for the last few years, but recently had her lip filler dissolved.

“I’ve been getting Botox for a good amount of time. It’s more preventative, I would say. I actually just got some recently—I don’t know if it’s kicked in yet, but I feel like it has. It used to take a little while. I get myBotoxhere. Recently, I did a video of getting my lip filler dissolved because I wanted to show everyone why I did that. I’ve been getting lip filler injections for quite some time now because my upper lip was always pretty small.”

She Had Four Veneers At The Age Of 16

As well as botox and filler, Mandy Rose had cosmetic work done on her teeth as a child.

Due to a dead tooth, she had veneers put in her top four front teeth as a sixteen-year-old. This was due to the tooth slowly turning black, which was a huge deal for a self-conscious teenage girl.

“When I was in elementary school, my best friend Adrian and I were doing some silly game, like Ring Around the Rosie, and she let go of me. My tooth hit one of those hard metal desks, and it was my left front tooth. It was fine at first, but it ended up being a dead tooth, and I had to get a root canal and all that. Over time, it started turning colors and getting a little darker, so I was really self-conscious about it. I was maybe 16, I forget exactly. So, I got four veneers—just the front four—because that tooth was dead, and I didn’t want them to look different. I just went to my dentist.”

Mandy also revealed how she had her gums shaped, to make her teeth look more symmetrical.

The Dentist Made Composites For Her Bottom Teeth

Finally, she discussed what happened to the bottom half of her teeth. Due to her veneers making the top and bottom sets not match, Mandy Rose has composites put over her bottom teeth, rather than shaving them down for matching veneers.

“I had a little gummy smile, so we fixed that. Down the road, I wanted to make all my teeth match, so I went to an amazing cosmetic surgeon in Doral, Dr. G. Smile. He did all my teeth, but I only have veneers on the top. On the bottom, I have composites, which are just coatings—they don’t shave your teeth down for those. I had braces, so my teeth were already in good shape.”

She also confirmed that she has had breast enhancements, but does not have any filler in her face.

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Mandy Rose Shares Insights on Cosmetic Surgeries Throughout Her Life

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Mandy Rose Shares Insights on Cosmetic Surgeries Throughout Her Life (2024)


Mandy Rose Shares Insights on Cosmetic Surgeries Throughout Her Life? ›

Mandy Rose continued detailing her cosmetic enhancements. She discussed how she has had botox for the last few years, but recently had her lip filler dissolved. “I've been getting Botox for a good amount of time. It's more preventative, I would say.

What happened with Mandy Rose? ›

Mandy Rose could be returning to bodybuilding in the near future. The former NXT Women's Champion was released from the WWE in late 2022. She was let due to the adult nature of her online content, on the FanTime website.

Does Mandy Rose still wrestle on NXT? ›

In October at Halloween Havoc, Rose defeated Raquel González to win her first title in her career, the NXT Women's Championship. She was released from the company in December 2022.

Will Mandy Rose ever come back? ›

Mandy Rose makes huge announcement; she is "coming back to reclaim" her title. Mandy Rose made a huge announcement on her podcast saying that she was returning to reclaim her title. The former WWE star has a goal in mind. Rose was released from WWE at the end of 2022.

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Is Mandy Rose retired from the WWE? ›

The former NXT Women's Champion has remained inactive as a wrestler ever since she was released by WWE in December 2022. Rose currently works as a podcaster and content creator, but has not closed the door on returning to professional wrestling yet.

Why did Mandy Rose change her hair color? ›

"I went with the whole dark hair look and I just had kind of a different vibe going. I just wanted to be a little edgier, I wanted to be taken more serious because it was always 'The Golden Goddess' and I wanted to switch it up," Mandy Rose said. [H/T Wrestling Inc.]

Is Mandy Rose Getting Married? ›

We previously reported that Mandy Rose and Tino Sabbatelli are engaged to be married. The two have been together for years, even during her Total Divas days. Now we know the date of when their union will go down. Mandy Rose updated fans with an Instagram story to let them know that it's tasting day for their wedding.

Is Mandy Rose married to Otis? ›

Although Otis and Mandy Rose may have looked genuine to some, they never dated each other in real life. Still, the latter expressed how much she enjoyed the storyline and that he was a good character both inside and outside the ring. "That was such a fun, like, loving, entertaining story.

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Mercedes Mone, formerly known as Sasha Banks in WWE, recently opened up about her departure from WWE. She left WWE alongside her tag team partner Naomi. While Naomi found success in TNA Wrestling, she recently returned to WWE at Royal Rumble. Mone took a different route, making waves in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW).

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She is currently inactive due to maternity leave.

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